Wednesday, 10 April 2013

New album by Ghost - Infestissumam

Although the album won't be realesed for another six days, Ghost have published the album online for their fans to stream. Make sure you check out Infestissumam, and let me know what you think!

I absolutely love the opening track(Infestissumam). It is powerful and epic. It is everything I believe Ghost are really about. It is the perfect start to yet another great album. Though I have to say, the new album has a lot to live up to. Opus Eponymous has become one of my favourite albums (ALL TIME). That is because the whole concept of this band is unique. The music in itself has a 70s vibe to it, and I'm sure this comes from various inspirations, for example Mercyful Fate and Blue Öyster Cult. There's nothing wrong with being inspired, especially if you manage to use that inspiration to create something new. This is what Ghost have managed to do.

I heard some of these songs before when I saw them live on the Jägermeister Music Tour. For example Year Zero, Secular Haze and Monstrance Clock. Ghuleh/Zombie Queen is a really cool track as well. Not only are the lyrics catchy, but the song as a whole is quite impressive. It starts out as something I can imagine hearing on the radio during the 70s or 80s...then it speeds up. Such a funny song(listen to it, I don't want to reveal too much).

The album has a perfect opening track, but it has also got a perfect ending track. Monstrance Clock is such a cool track. Especially when it is played live. I'm sure that now the song has been released, concerts will turn out wuite epic when this song is played.

After listening to this band, I have realised it would be useful to know latin, as they use quite a bit of it in their music. I get an impression of what the songs are about, but to fully understand the album as a whole, I wish the language wasn't holding me back. Anyway, all in all, this album has swept me off my feet. I will definitely buy it when it comes out.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Band of the Week - Jefferson Airplane

Classic psychedelic rock is what Jefferson Airplane can be described as. Their album Surrealistic Pillow is their most famous album, and a very iconic album in the history of rock. It features songs like «Somebody to Love», and of course the song most people will think of «White Rabbit». Who hasn't seen the extraordinary performance the band did of this song at Woodstock in 1969? I'm sure very few remember the performance in person (either because they weren't born yet, or because they attended the festival high as nothing else...oh the sixties). BUT, the beauty of modern technology, is that we can see this clip over and over again. Have a look here.

Grace Slick was a beauty. I'm sure many teenagers had her posters on the wall during the 60s and 70s. Her voice was incredibly cool, she is my favourite female singer all time. One of my favourite songs are «Somebody to Love»(which I mentioned earlier). With a little vibrator here and there, she creates her own sound which you can easily recognise anywhere. I really enjoy the instrumental aspects of the song too, it has a cool vibe, and includes some great riffs and solos. Sometimes this resulted in some messy performances, thoug...

Embryonic Journey is a cool little track, well worth listening too. Besides from being mellow and nice to listen to, it creates a little break in the album. Plastic Fantastic Lover has Marty Balin on vocals. I must say, this is a perfect ending to the album. It is catchy song, both instrumental and lyrical. And it makes you want to just flip that record over and start from the beginning again (or press play, which ever you prefer). 

Monday, 1 April 2013

Band of the Week - Amon Amarth

You might have thought vikings are a thing of the past...well, you're wrong. They still exist, and today they go by the name "Amon Amarth". The name Amon Amarth comes from J.R.R. Tolkien's books about the  middle-earth (in other words; The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings). "Amon Amarth" means "mountain of faith". Although the band isn't your typical viking(they don't invade countries, kill the men, rape the women, steal all the valuables and burn down their houses), the music illustrates a time which is difficult to forget. Through the lyrics, the band brings us on a journey back in time.

Avenger(title track of the 1999 album) is one song that I love in particular. The lyrics are about a man who loses his family to a fire, and he decides that he wants revenge on the man who lit the fire. He makes a sword, which is named "Avenger". Suitable, I suppose. In the end he manages to get his revenge, and slays his enemy's throat. The way it has been described is quite grim, reminds me a bit of old Scandinavian folk tales, they didn't hold back on any details. The sword has now served its purpose, and I guess the man realises that he doesn't have anything left in his life but emptiness. He ends up stabbing himself. Tragic story, but as I said, it reminds me very much of how the old folk tales used to be. The music compliments the lyrics well. It is a sad and tragic song, and you can hear the despair in the guitar riffs.
I never get tired of seeing them live. This is from Bergen, 2009.
Another favourite is of a newer album called Twilight of the Thunder God (2008). The song is called Embrace the Endless Ocean. Why do I love this song? Listen to it. The melody is so beautiful. The lyrics are really sad too. It's about a man (I assume), who has been a prisoner for a long time. Finally he is a free man, and can sail the seas back home. Unfortunately his ship gets wrecked in a storm, and sinks. "Won’t feel the breeze of my home shore. Nor see the lakes or winter snow. My hopeful dreams lie ripped and torn. Father, I die alone, I die alone". His dreams has been crushed, and he dies alone in the endless ocean.

One thing is for sure, the band knows how to write lyrics. All their songs tell a different story. Whether it is about a tragic death or a hero, all the lyrics illustrate Norse mythology and the viking time well. The songs I've written about here are just two songs I really enjoy. Make sure you check out other songs as well. What's your favourite Amon Amarth song?

Live in Bergen, 2009.