Saturday, 6 December 2014

Krimh - Czarna Śmierć

YouTube musician Kerim "Krimh" Lechner has just released a new single - Czarna Śmierć - for his nearly 50 000 subscribers to check out on his channel.

I came across his videos five or six years ago, when I was heavily into Lamb of God among other similar bands. Krimh mainly uploaded drum covers, blasting his double bass to songs like Laid to Rest, but he also uploaded his own material, and it was very exciting to watch him grow.

His ability to never miss a beat and almost flawlesly playing his way through each song astonished me. The fact that he could play drums as well as guitar and bass was something that 15-year-old me never could get enough of watching.

The Austrian musician is probably best known as the drummer of Polish death metal band Decapitated. He has also been a session drummer for Behemoth for a short period of time when the original drummer was in hospital.

Lechner auditioned through his YouTube channel to be Slipknot's new drummer when Joey Jordison left in 2013, all while working on his third self-released album Krimhera. The album will be available from his website on 10 December. A review of the full album will be posted once it's out.

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