Saturday, 20 October 2012

Are concerts dangerous?

Not a very newsy story, but I thought I'd write about something that concerned me a bit yesterday. Last I went to a Down concert at Manchester Academy. What I experienced was several injuries and people passing out. Why?

Down can be a quite heavy band and they do know how to get the crowd going. After being inside The Academy for several hours, after watching two warm up bands, Down finally came on stage. By this time it was starting to get really hot. Many people came running out from the middle of the crowd pouring with sweat. On three occations I saw someone having to get help to walk. Now I don't know whether they were drunk, or if they were about to pass out, but it still looked pretty rought. I also so a girl coming out of the crowd in the middle holding her hand on her bleeding forehead. With the number of people crowd surfing, she could easily have been kicked in the head by someones boot.

I have never seen as many people injured/passed out at an indoor concert before. Is this just a Down thing? I would like to say concerts can be very dangerous, but after being there yesterday, I am glad to say that people actually do take care of each other(even if you know each other or not). When a guy dragged his passed out friend through the crowd, others came and helped him carry his friend and lay him down on the floor away from the crowd. I've had some bad experiences too, for instance when I was in the middle of the crowd at a Machine Head concert. The audience were so excited and everyone wanted to be at the front. This ended with all the people at the front(including me) getting squashed. And because this was at a festival, there was a lot more people pushing than at a normal concert. I couldn't breathe and I panicked. Luckily I managed to get help from someone in the crowd. So the conclusion is that if you become injured or simply just have gotten "too much" at a concert, there is always someone who will help you out.

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