Thursday, 18 October 2012

Presidential election

The US election has been going on for a while now, but it is really starting to kick off. One place you can get constant updates on the matter is of course on Twitter. While many people are hoping that Barack Obama will remain president for the next four years, others have a stronger feeling for republican Mitt Romney. Who has a better chance?

A massive  "tweet war" has broken out after actress, model and political activist Eva Longoria started to encourage people to use their votes in the election. It was when Longoria, who is democratic, started retweeting what the republican supporters were writing. According to her Tweets this was in order to create a discussion, and not because she had changed her own view. "I use Twitter as a platform for all Americans and their opinions. Sorry if people were offended by retweet. Obviously not my words or my personal view. I respect all Americans #FreedomOfSpeech" she tweeted earlier today. She then tweeted "I retweet many people I don't agree with for the purpose of discussion and dialogue, that’s democracy...and boy did this create dialogue!" She received lots of support, but also lots of hate-tweets. Is this what Twitter has become? I thought Twitter was supposed to be about sharing opinion and using your voice. Which is exactly what Eva Longoria is doing.

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