Thursday, 18 October 2012

Trashed on Twitter

After getting into a pretty heavy discussion with someone on Twitter, I decided to write an entry about it. The thing is, I don't mind discussions. I suppose everyone like to discuss things that mean something to them or they have knowledge about. But when you get total strangers accusing you for being a racist and use abusive language towards you, the sudden urge to discuss kind of drops off. Why do people have to be so abusive?

Another area to social media (Twitter) I have noticed is the ability people have to completely trash/spam you. You don't really get that on Facebook, but with Twitter it is so much easier to be spotted. Today I received several abusive messages from someone I have never interacted with before. He had simply spotted one of my tweets, and then completely trashed me, calling me names and all sorts. This is not acceptable! Luckily I have the ability to report and block people like that.

I guess it is the thing you have to expect from online interactions. People who normally wouldn't say anything, have time to think about a response that will just completely destroy the other person. But guess what, calling people abusive names doesn't make you good at discussing things. People would never say what they said to me in real life. #Fact

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