Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Jägermeister Music Tour

Yesterday I went down to the O2 Academy in Sheffield to enjoy some good music. It's been a while since I've been to a metal concert, so it's good to fresh up my memory on how it's really like.

The first band was The Defiled. Now, when they walked on I can't say I was very impressed. They looked like a cross between Ronnie Radke and Marilyn Manson. So what kind of music can you expect from that? The sound wasn't very good, which I suppose wasn't really their fault. It was way too heavy on the bass. The keyboard served no purpose what so ever, because you couldn't hear it. And The AvD (on keyboard) looked dead uncomfortable throughout the whole concert. To the musical part, I didn't really like the vocals. However, the instrumental part was alright from time to time. I did like the heavier riffs. And the last song they performed, "Call to Arms", was quite cool! 
The Defiled
The next band on is a band I would like to call the kings of heavy riffs. Gojira are truly amazing. They know how to deliver a show you just want to headbang the shit out of! And if you ever want to learn how to play drums, have a look at Mario Duplantier. He is one of the best drummers I know. And he kicked ass last night! Gojira played some songs from the new album L'Enfant Sauvage, like for instance the title track. But they also played some older stuff like "The Heaviest Matter of the Universe", which I suppose is a suitable title for one of the heaviest bands of the universe. One of the songs I enjoyed in paricular was "Oroborus" of "The Way of All Flesh". All in all, Gojira is an amazing band, both live and in the studio. If you ever get the chance to see them, do not pass on that opportunity!


The headliner's of the whole Jägermeister Music Tour were Swedish, Satan worshipping, Ghost. Before the concert started, the venue was filled with insence. It smelled like what I can imagine a medieval church would smell like. As you might expect, the concert was like a big sermon, like a sermon you've never seen before. An anti-christian sermon, I have to point out. The songs were all well performed, and Papa Emeritus II's voice was as mesmerizing as ever. They played five songs from their upcoming album "Infestissumam", which comes out in April. The new songs were truly amazing. As a big fan of the band, it made me very pleased to know that the next album will most likely be as big of a success as the previous album. Two of the new songs, "Secular Haze" and "Year Zero" have already been released. The other three were a preview of what to expect. Other songs they played were "Elizabeth" and "Con Clavi Con Dio" (to name a couple). The band is unique, and it is unlikely that you've seen anything like it before! Yes, it might remind you a bit of Mercyful Fate (King Diamond). Ghost's inspiration might come from the 70s and the 80s, but the music has its own sound and personality. Make sure you see them live!

Papa Emeritus II
The sermon.

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