Thursday, 28 March 2013

TEN reasons to listen to 'Nexus Polaris'

Funnily enough, the 1998 album by The Kovenant consists of ten songs. I am going to give you ten more reasons why you should listen to this creation of art!

1. The album is created by a bunch of talented musicians. We have Nagash (The Kovenant) on vocals/bass, Blackheart(The Kovenant) on guitar, Astennu (Dimmu Borgir) on guitar, Sverd (Arcturus) on keyboard, Sarah Jezebel Deva (Cradle of Filth) on vocals, Hellhammer(Mayhem) on drums. No wonder this album is so amazing.

 2. All the songs has a beautiful melodic(symphonic) sound. The album includes a lot of piano, synth and violins. And choir/opera song, which creates an epic atmosphere (in your head, while listening). I can imagine falling asleep while listening to this album would be some experience. Oh the dreams you'd have then...

3. The lyrics are well written, and brings you through some epic stories. 

4. The vocals are cool and different. Together with the opera/choir, it creates a big contrast in the music. While Nagash' vocals are rough and raw, Deva's vocals are softer and "prettier".

5. The album has won the title Best Hard Rock band at the Norwegian grammy's(1998). This is the first time in history this prize has been won. That's a damn good reason why you should listen to this album.

Awesome album art! The album came out before they changed their name to "The Kovenant".
6. When the re-release of the album came out in 2002, the songs where exactly the same as the 1998 recordings. Why? Because they are fucking awesome, they didn't need to be re-recorded.

7. Chariots of Thunder. Need I say more? THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST METAL SONGS EVER MADE, NO SHIT! The opening of the song includes an amazing, catchy guitar riff on top of an incredibly cool drum beat. Then comes the song of Deva. Her singing on this track is really what completes this song! After listening to this song, you'll be going around singing "ah, ah, ah, ah" (like she does) for days. Trust me, have a listen to it, and you'll figure out what I mean.

8. This album is considered The Kovenant's best album (the majority of the fans seem to think so anyway). That must be reason enough to check it out.

9. I can't think of any other bands that had a sound like this at the time the album came out (can you?). Which means this album is a revolution to the history of metal (the history of music, even).

10. While the album all in all sounds quite serious, the artists show that you are allowed to have some fun with the music as well. Just listen to the last track "New World Order". It is so funny. All the instruments are played in a funny way(a happy beat, and happy chords). The lyrics/vocals are also very funny. Honestly, the song makes me want to get on my feet and bounce around. But I have to say; listen to the original one, not the re-release.

I was one of the lucky few who got to see the band perform THE WHOLE ALBUM (Nexus Polaris) live! This was a special tour, which I don't think they've done before/since. This took place at the Inferno festival in Oslo(2010).

With that I will link you to the album on Spotify, that way you can listen to the WHOLE album. If you don't have spotify, get it now! (Or buy the album).

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