Monday, 4 March 2013

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators

As the headline might suggest, this is another concert review. Slash played two dates in England, one of which took place in Nottingham on Thursday 28. February.

After waiting one and a half hours after the doors openend, the warm up band, The Treatment, entered the stage. The band was full of energy and ready to try to get the crowd going You could clearly see that their biggest inspiration is Mötley Crue, simply from the hair cuts and clothes. It sort of looked like they had been dragged out of the 80s, which I suppose went along with the music they played. They were very fun to watch, but some of the songs didn't feel that original to me. Considering that this was the biggest show they had ever done, they did a decent job, but I think most of the people in the audience were ready for Slash not long after they started playing.
The Treatment

Slash and the band always seem to deliver, and so they did yet again. Playing a variety of some new and some old songs, they created a great vibe throughout the whole venue. Everyone were singing along and moving to the drumbeats. Some of the songs they played were Anastasia (from the new album), Back from Cali (from the previous album) and of course some Guns N' Roses like Paradise City, which is always to be expected at a Slash concert. Myles Kennedy is difficult not to love. He has this innocent sort of look, and a voice of an angel. He always hits the high notes, and - speaking for myself - it gave me goose bumps several times during the concert.

Myles Kennedy and Slash
When I have seen this line-up before, the focus has often been on mainly Slash (obviously) and Myles Kennedy. But on this concert, bassist Todd Kerns got the spotlight on a few songs, such as Doctor Alibi and Welcome to the Jungle. Who said bassists can't sing? I'm not sure if it was like this on the whole tour, or whether he got to sing a few more songs because Kennedy had a cold. Either way, it was awesome!
Todd Kerns on bass and vocals

For many, the highlight of the evening was probably Rocket Queen. The band had made a slight alteration to the song - a 15 minute guitar solo from Slash. It did drag out a bit, but you can't complain. After all, it was a Slash concert... If I had to pick on anything, it would be the fact that neither of them said much through the whole concert. But I concluded that this was because they had been on tour for a long time, and every day they wake up in a new city. They had a job to do (play the concert), and they did the job pretty damn well.

Welcome to the Jungle

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